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Backup Cameras in Manteca, Ca

Multiple Styles of Backup Cameras Available

Professional Backup Camera Installation In Manteca, California

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Make backing up easy with a new backup camera

  • Bumper mounted cameras

  • License plate cameras

  • Low profile backup cameras

  • Dash Cams

  • Rear view mirror cameras

  • Commercial vehicle cameras

Backup Camera Installations For Trucks, Trailers, Motorhomes & RV, And More!

Backup cameras are the safest way to backup your vehicle

  • Backup cameras eliminate blind spots

  • Makes backing into car spaces easy and safe

  • Protect your vehicle from backing into things

  • Recording cameras to help provide evidence /statements 

  • Safely hook up trailers and backup trailers / Rv's

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We Offer More Than Just Backup Camera Installations

The Best Quality Backup Cameras & Installation you will find in Manteca 

Get Your Quote & Appointment For Your Backup Camera Installation In Manteca

Contact Professional Auto Stereo & Security

Professional Auto Stereo & Security is your go to choice to find the best backup camera installation in Manteca California. We back our products and installations by a 100% satisfaction guarantee for your next backup camera or dash cam purchase.

Multiple styles of cameras to choose from, whether your looking to make it easier to back up a RV or looking to find a safer way to back your vehicle up we have the best backup cameras options for you. Call, visit us or request a quote & appointment online.

Mon - Sat  9am-6pm

Sunday  9am - 5pm

Closed 1pm-2pm Every Friday

Call Today: 209-824-9019

422 N Main St, Manteca, CA 95336

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